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Camp Bath Salt- Camphor, Ho Wood, Ashwagandha - SOUNDS

Camp Bath Salt- Camphor, Ho Wood, Ashwagandha - SOUNDS

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An eye-watering blend of analgesic Camphor and Ho Wood transport body and mind. Antioxidant-rich Ashwagandha oil nourishes skin, and is known to lower cortisol levels and improve skin texture and dark spots. Oil-packed Epsom salt and Pink Himalayan salt release tension, purify, and detox sore muscles.


Add one 1/5 - 1/3 of salts to bath and dissolve, or mix with honey to create a luxurious scrub. Good for 3 - 5 baths or scrubs. Made in NY using 100% natural ingredients. At Sounds we never test on animals, only ourselves, and volunteer friends and family members. Our ingredients are sourced from the finest distributors.

Patch-tests are recommended for all products always. We particularly recommend this for people with skin sensitivities and essential oil sensitivities. 

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